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Develop games for Wii U with Unity or HTML5

Self-Publish on Nintendo eShop

Become a Wii U Developer!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a licensed developer for Wii U using either Nintendo Web Framework or Unity for Wii U! To sign up please complete this Developer Registration Form and a member of the Nintendo Team will be in contact with you.

Licensed developers in this program have access to an ecosystem that provides specialized software and tools, technical support forums, and robust middleware options.

All games made using Unity or NWF can access all of the system's unique features, including the GamePad's touchscreen and camera and the community features of Miiverse. All developers can self-publish their game to the Nintendo eShop!

Unity for Wii U

Unity is an integrated development environment spanning multiple platforms and used by over 1 million developers worldwide. Highlights include fast and powerful 3D graphic functionality, animation, AI, scripts, and SFX ─ all helping enable expressive and fast game development. With Unity for Wii U, of course all the various Wii U features are supported, such as the Wii U GamePad and Wii Remote controllers, and it provides strong support for developing games that make great use of these Wii U features.

Nintendo pays for the Unity License on Wii U for all licensed Nintendo Developers.

Nintendo Web Framework

The Nintendo Web Framework is a development environment that makes building Wii U applications simple. Founded on WebKit technologies and harnessing common programs ─ including HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS ─ it allows development to span across the Wii U GamePad, Wii Remote controllers, and more.

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Maximize your HTML5 development by using middleware!

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Publish Digital Content on Nintendo eShop

Nintendo eShop is an online store housed exclusively on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS hardware systems. From the Nintendo eShop, consumers can download full version digital games, DLC, game demos, applications, videos, and more.

Before publishing on the Nintendo eShop, you must become an officially-licensed software provider.

  1. Complete and submit the Developer Application form.
  2. Request a Digital Publishing Agreement.
  3. Submit game data and marketing assets for approval.
  4. Arrange product launch on Nintendo eShop.


Q: What are the requirements for this program?

No prior development experience is required. This program is for anyone interested in developing software for Wii U using either Unity or NWF.

Q: How does self-publishing on Wii U work?

Nintendo has had a very open system for developers for many years. Developers self-publish on Nintendo platforms, and decide the content, price and release dates by themselves.

Q: What are the steps for releasing a game on Wii U?

  1. Fill out the Developer Application form to become a Wii U developer.
  2. Developer Click-Through NDA
  3. Obtain development tools
  4. Game Development
  5. Submission / Certification
  6. Release
  7. On-going support

Q: Can I work from home?

Yes, we accept home offices when confidential information can be kept secure.

Q: How much does it cost to develop on Wii U?

It’s free of charge to participate in the program and to submit games to Nintendo for technical certification. There is some cost involved for Wii U development hardware, but we run a program to help developers who are just getting started.

Q: How do I obtain Unity for Wii U?

After registering as Wii U developers, the Unity middleware can be downloaded from the website free of charge.

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